About The Company

Helix Immuno-Oncology (formerly: Helix Polska) was established in 2013. subsidiary of the Canadian biopharmaceutical company Helix BioPharma Corporation.

Helix Immuno-Oncology (formerly: Helix Polska) is based in Warsaw, and the company is headed by a strong management team specialising in biotechnology and life science.

Polish scientists participate in the development of original technologies in cancer therapy and support research on oncological drugs conducted in Poland, Canada and the USA.

Innovative solutions

Helix BioPharma (HBP) and Helix Immuno-Oncology (HIO) are actively developing innovative products based on proprietary technologies, to be used in cancer immunotherapy. Initiatives of companies in the field of drug development are based on the Tumour Defense Breaker (DOS47) platform technology. It is a technological platform which enables production of therapeutic molecules that neutralize the acidic tumor microenvironment. Tumour Defence Breaker (DOS47) represents an innovative therapeutic approach that, by modifying the microenvironment of tumor cells, leads to the removal of a barrier to effective action of antineoplastic drugs including chemotherapy, targeted therapies and modern immunotherapies.

The following molecules are developed on the Tumour Defence Breaker platform:

L-DOS47 - drug candidate at the stage of clinical trials in Polish and American centers, developed in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC),

V-DOS47 - molecule developed to be used in the therapy of triple negative breast cancer. Currently at the pre-clinical stage, developd in HIO laboratories.


Dr. Paweł Wiśniewski, Chief Executive Officer, before joining Helix Immuno-Oncology team, he was the founder and CEO at the Institute of Genetic Analysis INAGEN Sp. z o.o., co-founder, inventor and CEO of Glia Sp. z o.o., manager at Peptaderm Sp. z o. o. and adviser to the Eastern European Investment Management Venture Capital Fund. He gained his specialized experience through comprehensive management of biotechnology business, being responsible for technology transfer, drug development, protection of intellectual property as well as development and implementation of development strategies for biotechnology companies.


Dr. Dorota Gierej-Czerkies, until her appointment as a COO and a Member of the Management Board of Helix Immuno-Oncology, she has managed the project of cell therapy developed by the company. She is a scientist with experience in biotechnology innovation management including technology transfer, analysis of market potential, protection of intellectual property, planning and implementation of development strategies for biotechnology companies, as well as management of relationships with scientific partners. Before joining Helix Immuno-Oncology, Dr. Gierej-Czerkies was a partner at BM Consulting, co-founder and managing partner at the Quanteam Microbiological Laboratory, and gained her professional experience, among others, at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology of the Polish Academy of Sciences , BTM Mazowsze and AstraZeneca.

Activities of Helix Immuno-Oncology
on the polish market
Launch of pre-clinical studies in the V-DOS47 project
Launch of Phase II clinical trials of L-DOS47
Incorporation of Helix Polska (currently Helix Immuno-Oncology ) with its registered office in Warsaw
Participation of Polish scientists and clinicians in research and developmentof original technologies in cancer therapy
Presentation of an innovative approach to cancer treatment (DOS47) at the conference of Polish Group of Lung Cancer Since 2005. Links with Poland owing to investor relations
Obtaining funding for the V-DOS47 project from the National Center for Research and Development
Transfer of some technologies and operatios from Helix BioPharma to Helix Polska (currently Helix Immuno-Oncology)
Launch of Phase I clinical trials of L-DOS47 in patients with lung cancer in Poland
Establishment of cooperation with Polish academic centers: Maria Sklodowska-Curie Institute — Oncology Center, Military Institute of Medicine, the National Institute of Tuberculosis and Lung Diseases as well as the Mazovian Center for Treatment of Lung Diseases and Tuberculosis in Otwock