Unique, patented technology
Tumour Defence Breaker V-DOS47
Innovative treatment of malignant
solid tumours
  • Tumour Defence Breaker – DOS47 allows the creation of new molecules - immunoconjugates (combinations of antibodies and enzyme) that recognize different molecular targets. The accumulation of molecules at the target site, in the tumor microenvironment is possible due to the use of appropriately selected antibodies, while the use of enzyme (urease) as an active element of the molecule allows to break defense barriers of the cancer.
  • The most malignant neoplasmsdevelop mainly in the environment characterized by low pH (acidic) and low oxygen concentration. The localized action of the enzyme (urease) allows to increase the pH of the tumor microenvironment which in turn may increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and immunotherapy currently used in the treatment of solid tumors.
  • At present, the variety of available and described molecular targets, characteristic for various types of cancer is enormous. Advances in molecular biology have made it possible to have access to effective methods for creating and testing new antibodies faster than ever before. Under such circumstances the use of Tumour Defence Breaker (DOS47) platform gives a possibility to create customized solutions.



V-DOS47 molecule


The Team of Helix Immuno-Oncology conducts research and development on V-DOS47 since the licensing of the technology from the parent company - Helix BioPharma in 2015. The project received PLN 12.5 million support from the Intelligent Development Operational Program, under a co-financing agreement concluded with the National Center for Research and Development. V-DOS47 is another, after L-DOS47, immune drug candidate based on unique Tumour Defence Breaker (DOS47) platform.


V-DOS47 is a conjugate of urease and antibody that targets vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (VEGFR2/KDR/Flk-1),  modifying tumour microenvironment, which allows to effectively eliminate tumor cells without damaging healthy cells. VEGFR2 was selected as a molecular target, to allow the accumulation of the V-DOS47 molecule in the microenvironment of many types of tumors. This provides a possibility of widespread therapeutic use in the future, but currently V-DOS47 is the subject of preclinical studies in triple-negative breast cancer.


Positive results of preclinical studies and Phase I clinical trials may result in the launch of subsequent V-DOS47 projects also in other indications.





Innovative therapy of malignant solid tumors


  • A wide spectrum of action: V-DOS47 as a part of Tumour Defence Breaker (DOS47) - a proprietary platform enabling development of drugs targeting various solid tumours.
  • The unique activity of V-DOS47 through neutralization of the pH of the tumor microenvironment, allows to eliminate cancer cells more effectively.
  • V-DOS47 is a drug candidate for breast cancer patients for whom there are no effective therapies at the moment.